Monday, March 24, 2008

Tings: Cross-Contamination Issues

My kids love Tings, but it seemed like they loved them a bit *too* I asked the company about their cross-contamination issues. Here's the response I got on 3/24/08:

In answer to your question about dairy, soy and gluten we do not have dedicated dairy, gluten and soy free lines. All the snacks are run on shared equipment. The Tings are run on shared equipment that does manufacture other snacks that contain all three allergens. The manufacturing facility does follow an allergen sensitivity program meaning that with an item such as the Tings which are dairy free - the Tings would be run before any dairy snacks or gluten snacks. They would then follow with the other snacks that contain those allergens. Before every production run the machines are thoroughly cleaned. While every precaution is taken to avoid a case off cross contamination we cannot 100% guaruntee that it could never happen. I hope that I have addressed your concerns.
- Kelly

Based on this information, I think I will stop buying them at least for a while. Their allergen sensitivity program may be sufficient for many kids, but my son seems to be sensitive to cross-contamination on shared lines.

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Jessica said...

Good to know I'm not crazy! I noticed that my son loves Tings a bit too much as well, and I definitely noticed some particular behaviors when he ate them. I stopped buying them. Thank you for being so proactive!

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