Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Snyder's of Hanover Veggie Crisps *Are* GFCFSF


I got a bag of these Veggie Crisps at Whole Foods and thought they were great. My kids loved them too. The ingredients on the bag are "whole potato flour, canola oil, tomato puree, spinach and beet powders, turmeric, salt." They looked GFCF, but I wanted to be sure so I asked the company. Here is their response:

The regular veggie crisps are both gluten and casein free. In regards to the peanut butter warning we appreciate the time you took to get in touch with us. In an effort to alleviate concerns regarding possible allergens coming into contact with our regular line of pretzel snacks, we hope you find the following information helpful:

- Both the Peanut Butter and Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sandwiches are produced on a separate, dedicated production and packaging line
- This line is located in a restricted area of the plant. Only people who have proper authorization are allowed to enter this area.
- The people who work in this restricted production area are not allowed to work on any other production line.
- We do not process peanuts in our facility, only peanut butter as supplied to us from an outside vendor.
- The peanut butter and cheese are stored sealed in separate locations away from other ingredients.
- Equipment utilized in this production/packaging line is not stored or utilized elsewhere in the facility.

We take the processing and handling of peanut butter in our facility very seriously and we hope the comprehensive precautionary steps we have instituted here meet with your satisfaction. We listed this allergen information on the package to inform our customers that we handle peanut butter. It is in no way an omission of our responsibility but rather our mission remains to ensure the integrity and safety of every product we make. Again, thank you for your concern and we appreciate your interest and continued patronage of Snyder's of Hanover products.

Upon receiving this information, I wrote back and asked if they were also soy-free. They responded on 4/4 saying that, yes, they are soy-free as well!

I wrote to the company again and asked if the Veggie Crisps share equipment lines with their soy crisps -- THEY DO!!! Here is the response from the company (April 14, 2008):
The soy crisps and veggie crisps are run on the same line. There is an allergen program in place. Performs full cleanups, performs pre-operational inspections, color coding of ingredients and ingredient segregation.

Because of this, I'm going to watch VERRRRY carefully the next few times I offer these. I will also serve them only once a week and on the same day of each week so that I can track it better. I'm hoping these are okay for my son but I'm thinking I'll have to pull these too....

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California Supermom said...

Hey Tori, it's Pam from the GFCF group. I just wanted to post that your blog is great, keep up the good work and the recipes. Take Care.

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