Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Bliss organic hempmilk further explained

The following is a guest post, written by invitation by Ms. Autumn Bree, Marketing & Education Manager at Manitoba Harvest. This post is in response to a previous post I wrote about Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Bliss (read previous post HERE).

First we would like to thank you for taking the time to write about us. We appreciate your feedback and dedication to helping us become better. We also appreciate your excitement in sharing us with your community.

After reading your blog I feel I need to clarify which facilities and what machines are hemp dedicated. We own and operate a hemp dedicated facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we produce an entire supplement line consisting of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, shelled hemp seeds, hemp seed butter, hemp protein powder and hemp protein & fibre powder. It has always been hemp dedicated since our inception 10 years ago.

Please note that the FAQ section on our website is in the process of being updated, as it a little confusing now that we are producing in two facilities.

When we "batch", or make the raw form of Hemp Bliss, this too is done on hemp dedicated machinery which is located at another facility. However, the UHT [ultra-high temperature] machine that must be used to take raw Hemp Bliss and turn it into the liquid suitable to package in shelf stable packaging is not hemp dedicated. To our knowledge, besides fruit juices and vegetable soups, there is a possibility that potato milks have been run through the UHT machine. That said, we cannot guarantee that soy or nuts have not at some point come into contact with this particular machine and/or won’t in the future. What we can guarantee is this UHT machine falls under what are called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) Certification. This calls for the cleaning of this machine to be so thorough that one does not need to make allergen claims on their packaging.

I have read the reactions of your children and others while drinking the other hemp milk choice on the market. This other hemp milk, Living Harvest’s Hempmilk, has been fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals; Hemp Bliss has not. In our research we have found that synthetic Vit A is a direct disrupter to female hormones and has been linked to depression. We have also found that synthetic Vit D (or as denoted Vit D2, whereas food form is denoted as Vit D3) has been directly linked to stunted brain development in children. All of this information is public and available online. With that information, we have chosen to stay clear of any and all synthetic vitamin and mineral fortification. This will also help to clarify the higher calcium content you mentioned in Hempmilk vs. Hemp Bliss.

Lastly I have a solution for you. As I had done before we invented Hemp Bliss, I invite you to make fresh hemp milk for your son at home. It's incredibly easy and you can use ingredients you can be 100% positive came from hemp dedicated facilities. Our shelled hemp seeds are 40% essential fatty acids (EFAs) and have 11g of protein in every 2 Tbsp. One cup of shelled hemp seeds to roughly three cups of water in a blender for about 30 seconds gives you rich, creamy fresh hemp milk that can be stored in a sealed container in your fridge for 3-5 days. You can add agave, maple syrup, palm sugar (which is glower glycemic than agave), sea salt or leave it plain depending on what your son will and won't eat. I have even better news. Because we're a manufacturer and not just a brand we can sell our products bulk direct to consumers. This cuts your cost per pound in half. You can check our webstore at http://www.manitobaharvest.com/cartshop/productlist.asp or simply phone back in at 800-665-HEMP.

Because there is a strong probability that the reactions of the aforementioned children may in fact be a result of consuming synthetic vitamins and minerals, we would happily like to offer you a special promotional code you may post on your blog that will allow anyone reading it to receive 15% off of any of our products. We feel that fresh hemp milk made at home with our organic shelled hemp seeds may be an exciting way your community can embrace hemp milk and keep our children healthy and happy.

To receive a discount on Manitoba Harvest’s webstore for you and all your readers please use coupon code ‘toriblog’ at checkout. Additionally, there is free shipping on order over $100 and UPS will deliver to your doorstep.

Again, we appreciate you!! Please don't hesitate to reach out. You and your readers may contact me directly at autumn@manitobaharvest.com. Have a great day!

Autumn Bree
Marketing & Education Manager
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils


Tahirih said...

This was a very useful and interesting explanation. I have never tried Hemp milk but I am going to try making the milk on my own because it sounds interesting. I need some variation in how I make smoothies.

Jeanne said...

Tori and Autumn,

Thank you so much for this information! I will be purchasing hemp seeds in order to make my own hemp milk from now on (we've been using the "other brand").

Awesome! I'll be passing this info on via my blog as well!

Dana said...

Thanks for the 15% off!! I bought seeds to make my own milk (I'll let you know how it goes), oil and butter.

Julee said...

Tori you distracted me! I came to your blog to find the coupon code because I am FINALLY going to order from Manitoba, but when I got here I started reading all your blog posts and forgot what I was doing! :)

So here I am on my second visit and STILL I am posting a comment and not entering my order! ;)

Anonymous said...

you should have wings and a halo ! I have been looking so long for a milk that is df,and cassien free with natural fats to go in my morning coffee, this looks like it may do the job AND you have a hemp milk recipe ! I'm in the UK, can't get this stuff here, so thank you very much... bookmarked your page

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