Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enhansa/Curcumin: Week 4

Notes in a series on trying Enhansa from Lee Silsby for my son, 4 yrs. old.


My Dosing Protocol
Day 1: One full cap (150 mg) at breakfast; 2/3 cap at dinner.
Day 2: One full cap (150 mg) at breakfast; 2/3 cap at dinner.
Day 3: One full cap (150 mg) at breakfast; 2/3 cap at dinner.
Day 4: One full cap (150 mg) at breakfast; 2/3 cap at dinner.


Day 1 (Tuesday): Behavior is great. Area above eyes still dry. Still sneezing a few times per day. Slight runny nose. A few red spots on his torso. Lots of pee in his pull-up when he woke up in the morning.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Pee accidents at school and at home. Some oppositional behavior. Red spots (kind of like pimples) on groin area and on buttocks. Area above eyes still dry, but starting to move up more onto forehead and not eye area. Slight runny nose.

Day 3 (Thursday): Forehead area is dry. Still has pimpley things. Sneezing a few times. Oppositional/defiant. Eyes itchy. Wants wet washcloth again at night for itchy eyes.

Day 4 (Friday): Woke up with lots of pee in his pull up. Upper half of forehead is dry. Belly hurts in afternoon (most likely from blueberry sorbet; this happened last time he had it too). Tired and lack of energy in afternoon.


Unknown said...

Love your blog. I added it to my autism list if that's ok. :)

taras said...

Considering using Enhansa with my four year old but trying to figure out if you feel it is worth it. I am definitely nervous about it. Would love to know how far you went and if you feel it was successful for him?

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