Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sneaky Pasta Sauce

Guess what's in this pasta sauce?

Some extra added protein and veggies, that's what!

I had some pot roast leftover from my other recipe (click HERE for more), so I put some into my little food processor and blended it up really well. Then I added it to my Prego sauce and -- NOBODY NOTICED...even my husband!! (I'm still wondering whether or not to tell them!)

By the way, I use the Tinkyada brand gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free (GFCFSF) pasta in various shapes/sizes. Tonight (and in the photo) was spirals. And I use the Prego organic mushroom pasta sauce (if you are soy-free, note that many pasta sauces have soy, so read the labels carefully). I've learned that most Tinkyada pastas only need 1/2 jar of Prego, so I freeze the other 1/2 of the jar and use it the next time we have pasta. (We usually have pasta once a week.)


Anonymous said...

My son has major phenol issues especially apples and tomatoes. Do you know any recipes for pasta sauce or tomato paste without tomato? Got here from gf/cfkids.


Tori said...

Stephanie: Do a search on GFCFKids for "nomato" -- there's stuff you can buy but people make theirs too. Also search on "beets" because that's what they use for the red coloring. Also try NoFenol enzymes from Houstons and Epsom Salt baths!! Thanks for stopping by! - Tori :)

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