Monday, February 25, 2008

How My Son Takes Olive Leaf Extract

If you are trying to get your kid(s) to take Olive Leaf Extract for viruses and/or bacteria, you may know that it's hard to figure out how to get them to take it. It's pretty strong stuff, and many kids don't yet know how to swallow pills/capsules.

I *finally* found a way to get my 3-year old son to take it!

I make him some Breathe Deep tea (by Yogi Tea). I mix in some milk substitute (hempmilk or Pacific rice milk works fine) and some agave nectar, and then the olive leaf extract. Mix it up and serve in a sippy cup or with a straw.

I use the liquid Olive Leaf Extract by Gaia Herbs. Other teas by Yogi Tea also have worked, including Cold Season and Throat Comfort. I like to give him the Breathe Deep, though, because he has a history of Reactive Airway Disease (although all symptoms of this went away when he went casein-free!)

[Click HERE to see how my daughter (almost 6 years old) takes hers.]

Hope this helps!


Tamara said...

Hmmm, maybe this would work with Cod liver oil as well??? I'll have to give this a shot. Just found your blog....l love all the recipes,and can't wait to try them!

Michelle & Jamie said...

Hi...I love your blog. My son has been gfcf for 4 months now.

Do you know if Olive leaf extract is safe to take with other medications??

Tori said...

Hi Michelle. I checked out your blog. You and your family are beautiful. I found the following online: "No contraindications with other drugs have been observed. However, Olive Leaf Extract should not be taken with antibiotics produced from yeast / fungus or along with additional amino acids other than those received in your everyday foods. They might cross out each other's effectiveness." I know that people say to take OLE 2 hours apart from Lysine if you are taking that. Also, since OLE works like a natural antibiotic, you might want to take it apart from any probiotic so that it doesn't kill off the good stuff. You can google "olive leaf extract contraindication" to research further. Hope that helps! - Tori :)

~M said...
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