Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another SPD Mom's Success with GFCF

I "met" Jill on the SPD Kids Yahoo group and mentioned the GFCF diet to her since it sounded like her son's chronic ear infections might be milk-related. At the same time, another GFCF/SPD mom, Anna, was talking to Jill about the biomedical approach. Jill reported to the group today that she started the GFCF diet 2 weeks ago and has witnessed tremendous results. She agreed to let me post her words here in the hopes that this information might help moms, dads, and caregivers of other SPD kids out there who might benefit from the GFCF diet/biomedical intervention.

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that in the last 2 weeks I have witnessed nothing short of a miracle in the great strides my sensory seeking son has made. 2 weeks ago from the great advice of Anna and Tori, I STOPPED dairy b/c of all of DS's chronic ear infections.

Huge changes within 2 days, calm, focused, lots and lots of eye contact, talking, listening, responding to his name, less sensory seeking - amazing.

We then really started watching his Gluten intake - not as hard as you would think. Even more calmness!!!!

He continues to get better and better everyday. We also started Eskimo Kids(fatty acid supplement), with urging from my natural MD, she said I would notice more talking and more calmness from this too -

I thought "yeah right."

Well YES, even more calmness - I am beginning to not even know who this child is anymore! LOL - my busy, crazy, sensory seeking boy is very very organized lately. We still have to keep up with OT and push the SPT to get him back on track (currently 12-month delay - due to chronic ear infections) - but my son is TALKING all day, communicating with everyone, interested in everyone and everything, even EATING better!

His ability to calm himself down is amazing, he even is sucking his thumb less!!

I could never thank you all enough - It is so amazing and wonderful to know that controlling your child's diet and supplements can dramatically affect their senses/behavior.

We still have lots of work ahead, we know we have to exercise him everyday, and practice listening skills and following thru - but I really truly beleive we would not be doing so great - without the help, knowledge and support of this board.

Thanks so much, Jill

Here is an update from Jill...(April 15, 2008):

Every day continues to be a new "awakening" for my DS (29 mos) - his vocab has tripled in the last 2 weeks of doing the diet, his sensory issues are completely in check, he is eating better, pooping better, responding to his name, playing with others, no temper tantrums, following simple directions, behaving well at daycare, laughing and smiling at me all day, hugging and kissing all the time, saying hi and bye to everyone he meets - it is absolutely unbelieveable!! His circles under his eyes have disappeared and his skin is so soft!!

Today we had a follow up with the ENT to check his tubes and hearing - everything open and doing well. She was with us for 5 minutes and said "OMG he is so different, look how happy and engaging he is" Responded to her every time she called his name, even let her look in his ears. Our first appointment with her 2 months ago we needed 2 nurses, my husband and I and the Doctor to pin him down just to look in his ears.

Tori - I did what you suggested and never told the Doc about the GFCF and supplements/probiotics - I just wanted to see and hear from her what she thought about all his changes - she kept going on and on and then I told her about GFCF - she said "medically she could never prove it - but she truly believes there is something to it."

Whatever that means - I don't care, I feel like my kid is finally coming back to me. What a joy it is to say "let's go play" and he responds and comes running right away. Or when he notices the birds and planes now and points them out to me "Mommy!" He is even beginning to tell me when he has a dirty diaper.

GFCF, Omega 3 supplements and a probiotic everyday is what we are doing. I must admit I am sure some gluten sneaks in there here and there - I plan our meals and try to prevent as much as possible - I think for him it is/was definitely the casein that was giving him such an opiate effect - NO DAIRY and almost completely GF for almost 3 weeks now and I am loving it!

Oh and my Father who suffers from Chrone's Disease went Dairy free this past week and has had wonderful changes - he said after 58 years - he will never drink milk again!

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