Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Comments Please - Is This a Yeast Rash?

My NT daughter's mouth.

This happens from time to time where she gets red all around her mouth and licks it like crazy. Is this what I've heard some refer to as a yeast rash? My other thought is food intolerance.

On most days, it's not this dramatic but there is a dry spot in the bottom corner of one side of her mouth. It seems to go away then comes right back.

Thoughts? Please post a comment.



Anonymous said...

Actually I've heard that it is eczema my daughter gets it from time to time also and I have eczema really bad on my hands it tends to be a familial thing, at least according to our ped. I've been using Milk Thistle for the eczema as well as quercetin (or a quercetin containing herbal supplement like Allermax) for the allergy portion of the combination that creates eczema. As well as a cortizone cream and together they really get rid of eczema fast even after you've had it for nine years (like me).

~M said...

How do you usually treat this? What would have to be done if it was a yeast rash? I hope she feels better!

Kathy said...


If you find out, please let me know..my son has an identical rash, same spot. Some days it's really bad, other days it's barely noticeable. I thought it might be yeast and I started to give him GSE, but he got REALLY hyperactive with it.

Thanks! kathy@csohio.com

Jessica said...

That's like the spot that shows up on the side of my son's mouth occasionally, too- always in the same place- lower lip, left side. I thought it was a drool rash until I started reading post after post about these rashes. I don't always see it accompanied by other symptoms, though. Do you?

Julee said...

My daughter has this EXACT thing. I find it relates to phenol intolerrance because it goes away with Phenol Assist and epsom salt baths. That's what I've figured out so far at least.

When you see this, check what she ate and see if they were high phenol.

Tori said...

UPDATE - I believe this may have been related to tomato. When my son's IgG test came back with a high sensitivity to tomato, we went tomato-free, and this rash never happened again.

Just a thought...might be food intolerance, or sensitivity to whatever is in tomatoes (salicylates/phenols)???

My daughter does seem to have phenol sensitivity, so I'm going to go with that as my current theory about this rash...

Tori :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same rash. I discovered it was from salicylate intolerance. I am taking Ketotifen, a mast cell stabilizer, plus iron and zinc supplements and the itchy redness is improving.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here and obviously behind on this thread but wanted to add that we have used Candex with great success when my son had a rash around his mouth that wouldn't go away. We dosed it twice a day and he now takes a once a day maintenance dose. It cleared up within a couple of days and hasn't returned.

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