Monday, May 12, 2008

GFCFSF Spring Rolls

We made these for the first time this past weekend. Fun to make and soooo yummy. My 6-year old loved them; my 3-year old not so much (although he had strep and was cranky all weekend so....).

These are gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF), soy-free (GFCFSF), egg-free, potato-free, tomato-free, yeast-free...

We have never made this before, nor were we following a recipe. Neither my husband nor I grew up in a culture that ate these, so we have no idea if we came close to what you are supposed to do with these. I'm sure there are much yummier fillings to put in your rice wrapper, but this is what we did on our first try.

Ingredients We Used
Spring roll wrappers (rice paper)
Iceberg lettuce
Baby shrimp (frozen, from Whole Foods)
Bean sprouts
Shredded carrots
Thai peanut sauce (contains soy)
Plate or shallow bowl of warm water

What We Did
Take a rice paper wrapper and slide it gently into the warm water on both sides. Put it on your plate. Put your ingredients inside. Roll tightly. After you've rolled about 1/2 way, fold the sides in then continue rolling (so the stuff doesn't fall out). By the timem you're done, it will be translucent and sticking to itself. Dip in peanut sauce.

Since my GFCFSF 3-year old wasn't interested in these, we didn't worry about the soy in the peanut sauce. We did make him a little sauce out of some thinned peanut butter, but he didn't use it as a dip. I'm sure there are places online where you could find a soy-free peanut sauce recipe.

A lazy susan in the middle of the table makes this much more fun!


Cheryl harris said...

glad the spring rolls worked out for you! They are so easy and flexible

Chef Penny said...

We love spring rolls! i am teaching this concept at my cooking class next Saturday too! I like to shred different veggies and put it in there w/ variuos meats. Tamari sauce works well too. Also, if you rub some oil on your hands then on the wrappers then put in the oven for a couple of minutes then they will get crispy! That makes them a great lunch item too!

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