Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lining Up Toys

My son is 3 1/2 years old and has SPD; no autism diagnosis. He did a lot of lining up toys when he was in his 2's but hasn't done it since we were a month or so into the diet, from what I can remember. The picture above is what I saw in our kitchen this past weekend. He was also lining things up in other rooms in the house. It was noticeable since I hadn't seen it in so long. On Monday we discovered he had strep.

I'm wondering if the lining up of things is somehow related to the bacterial infection. I know that lining up toys is common in autism.

Can anybody comment on this? His pre-school teacher tells me this is totally normal with NT kids of this age and that it helps them put order in their world.



Julee said...

My mom made it a hobby of hers to take pictures of all of Nathan's lines. batteries, shoes, toys, whatever, he lined it up.

He also has stopped doing this since the diet.

I don't really have any answers or thoughts. Nathan has a diagnosis of autism. I agree with Christel that it would be yeast, infraction or PANDAS flare.

Laura said...

I teach young children with autism and want to say that I think that kids line things up because it is hard for them to come up with other ideas so they do what they know, is comforting and predictable. If your child does not feel well perhaps he is reverting to an old habit because of the reasons I listed above..just a thought:)

Anonymous said...

Hi We just went through a similar thing with our son Thomas. He hadn't lined up toys since starting SCD over a year ago. A few weeks ago we saw him line up rocks and toys. His language kept progressing but his behaviour was regressing. Well a few days after we saw the behaviour, he came down with Fiths disease. He has nearly recovered from it now a few weeks later and he is no longer lining up toys. We are definitely going to begin the antiviral antifungal protocol from .
Cindy Nickerson

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