Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our GFCFSF Menu This Week (August 11-16)

Oops! I'm late getting this up this week. Our weekend trip to visit grandma messed me up! Here's our menu this week:

Monday: Previously frozen leftover kofte (Turkish meatballs) and Food for Life brown rice tortillas

Tuesday: Chicken casserole (randomly thrown together thing)

Wednesday: Buffalo meatloaf (egg-free too)

Thursday: Teff pancakes with Wellshire Farms turkey ham steak

Friday: Pasta

Saturday: Lentil soup and Breads from Anna


Jeanne said...


I was interested in the Breads by Anna (or Manna from Anna) so I went to their site to check them out. I was all set to order several of the mixes when I noticed one of the mixes contains milk (powder). I contacted the company and asked if the casein free products are made on a dedicated line, and here is the response:

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for your email.

We have one bread that contains milk. 5 of the 6 mixes do not contain any milk products, soon will will be adding three more dairy free products.

But we currently use shared equipment (this should be changing in the next 6 to 8 months). The equipment is washed down and salt is run through to get any trace particles. But I always tell people we cannot be 100 percent sure no trace amounts may still pass though, it is highly unlikely but no guarantee. As I am sure you know the only way we can guarantee no dairy is to use separate equipment which is what we are planning for.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


I just thought I would share this info with you since I noticed you use the produce - and I know you are very careful about which products you use.

Sorry to be a downer, but if your kid is anything like Charlie, he'll react to the slightest bit of contamination.

Love your site! I'm trying that buffalo meatloaf. We've tried buffalo many different ways, but I've never tried meatloaf. Also going off in search of the brown rice tortillas... I'm so excited about that!

Sorry for the long post!

Tori said...

Wow, thanks, Jeanne! Great info! We haven't been using the Anna's stuff for a while (I haven't been baking as much). I guess I won't order any more till they go to the dedicated equipment.

I made the buffalo meatloaf last night. Works just like regular ground beef. I made it egg-free, though, and it didn't quite hold together like regular. The taste is good but it's not as "loaf like." I guess I need a new binder.

The Food for Life brown rice toritillas are at Whole Foods. Unfortunately, ours doesn't carry them, but I found them in Chicago this past weekend so bought a bunch and froze them. I'm sure WF could order them.

Thanks for the comment! :)


Kim Kent said...

If you are looking for a good replacement bread that is GFSFCF, try Namaste

You are supposed to add eggs, but i'm guessing some egg replacer would work

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