Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oil of Oregano for Kids

I am beyond excited to have discovered (through some Google research) Kid-e-Kare Rubbing Oil by North American Herb and Spice -- a company that specializes in Oil of Oregano. (Click HERE for their website.)

I heard from Dana on the GFCFKids Yahoo Group that Oil of Oregano is good for battling both bacteria and yeast, and since those seem to be the problems my kids have (esp. strep bacteria), I was interested in trying Oil of Oregano (also known as "OoO"). But since I have a hard time getting my kids to take supplements (especially anything that tastes nasty), I was looking for something that I could use transdermally (i.e., topically, on the skin).

That is where the North American Herb and Spice Company comes in . . . They have a kid's line called "Kid-e-Kare" that is specially formulated for kids, and the stuff is free of all the nasties. Many products can also be used transdermally. (Click HERE for the kid's line info.)

I contacted the company about their products, and here is the response (July 30, 2008):

All of our products are actually gluten-free, casein-free, and soy-free. We also have a childrens line of products that can be used topically and internally. Our kids line is made from all natural herbs and spices that have been cold press extracted without alcohol. We use only the finest ingredients in our line and we also do not add sugar to any of our products.

I then asked which product they recommended for my kids, and here was the response (July 31, 2008):
The Kid-e-Kare Rubbing Oil would have the highest amount of Oil of Oregano in the Childrens line. You can also use the Oreganol oil [a different product, in the adult line] topically, but it would be stronger and could bother a child because it is fairly hot.

They also informed me that their President, Judy K. Gray, is a nutritionist and cook who is very interested in childrens health. She is actually writing a book on childrens health, covering the food they eat, vaccinations, supplementation, and recipes as well.

North American Food & Spice does not sell their products online (yet), but their site has some good information/research on Oregano oil, so you might want to check it out. They have a listing of all the stores that sell their products, but I went the easy route and ordered mine off Amazon. Click HERE or on the picture below for a link to the product on Amazon.


Kim Stagliano said...

Very cool! A real find! O of O is fabulous and completely unpalatable, even for a grown up. Ain't no way my kids will take it, and I can't blame them. I'll be trying this though - TD products bypass the gut too - keeping yeast at bay. Thanks!

Joann said...

I love this product! I have used it with my children for several years. At the first sign of illness, I rub it on their chest, back, shins, and bottoms of feet. It gets right into the lymph system and promotes healing. I add more with every diaper change or, for the older kids, as often as I remember (with 7 kids, that can be an issue!). It's kept us out of a physician's office, for sure.

Raising a Sensitive Child said...

Wow -- great to know. I was looking for oil of oregano for kids. Has it been helpful for your kids and do they take it?

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