Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fritos: Cross Contamination Issues

Original Fritos and Fritos Scoops do not have gluten or casein in their ingredients.

However, they are produced on shared lines with other products that do have gluten or casein in their ingredients.

This is considered a potential for "cross contamination." If your child is sensitive to cross contamination (like mine seems to be), you might want to avoid the Fritos. If you're not sure and/or are new to the GFCF diet, keep a log and take note of when you give your child Fritos and how he/she responds. After time, if you give them for a while then take them away, then give them then take them away, you'll most likely be able to tell if they cause issues for your child.

The Frito Lay website [click HERE] provides a list of all their products that do not contain gluten or casein. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, though, to read their cross contamination statement.

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Crystal said...

This is not good news for us, but thanks for sharing...

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