Sunday, June 1, 2008

Olive Leaf Extract (OLE)

We are using Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) as one of our supplements, along with the gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free (GFCFSF) diet.

Why Use OLE?
Olive Leaf Extract is a good, natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral. We are using it because our kids have had repeated strep infections. Another mom on the GFCFKids Yahoo Group, Dana, said that OLE (used for 2 years) eliminated strep in her child.

How Much?
It is recommended to start at 250mg and work up from there. My daughter (NT, 6 years old) is currently taking 1,000 mg two times per day (for a total of 2,000 mg). I don't always remember to give it to her, but we're trying hard to remember it (and she is the one who usually reminds me). To see how she likes to take it, click HERE. My son (SPD, 3 years old) doesn't like the taste of it like my daughter does, so I have a harder time with him. The most successful way I've gotten him to take it is posted HERE.

Where to Find It?
I used to get it at Whole Foods. They sell 1-oz. bottles. But since we're focusing heavily on my daughter's strep issues these days, the 1-oz. bottles were running out quickly. So I got the bulk size via Amazon. The one in the picture is the 8-oz. size available through Amazon. After I ordered it, the distributor informed me that the 8-oz. size is considered a "special order" by Gaia Herbs, so they hand extract each order. I thought that was kind of cool. :)

The Gaia Herbs liquid extract contains a small amount of grain alcohol. (The capsules do not, but she doesn't want to swallow pills for me!) The Gaia website has a ton of FAQs on this, and they also say that the stuff is gluten-free. Link to their website HERE.

We use 190 proof alcohol derived from GMO free corn. The alcohol is gluten free since there is no protein left in 190 proof alcohol. We also use 190 proof certified organic GMO-free corn alcohol for all products that are listed as certified organic. Our products are vegetarian, yeast free, and gluten free. (Source: Gaia Herbs website, FAQ #38 as of May 30, 2008)

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