Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheapo Meal #4: Sweet & Sour Chicken

Okay, so this isn't "really" sweet and sour chicken, but that was my inspiration for this one, along with Dana's "Forgotten Chicken." The basic idea is "sweet meets meat." I really liked this, and so did my son. (My daughter ate it, but she is not much of a fan of chicken.) It's not all that beautiful in the photo, but it's yummy, it's simple, and -- best of all -- it's CHEAPO! :)

- 1 pkg. chicken (I used chicken thighs bc they're softer/easier for my son to chew)
- 1 jar (10 oz.) "yellow" jelly/preserves (I used apricot mixed with a bit of mango/pineapple that I had)
- About 1/8 cup or so of coconut milk
- Some frozen (or fresh) chopped veggies (I used some leftover orange and yellow bell peppers that I had. Other good ones would be onions, green bell peppers, and pineapple chunks - think "sweet and sour chicken" and you'll be fine.)
- About 1 tsp. of curry paste (depending on the palate of your eaters!)
- Some salt

Lay out chicken in a glass baking dish. Sprinkle with salt. In a separate bowl, mix preserves, coconut milk, curry, and veggies. Pour "sauce" onto chicken. Bake covered for an hour or so, at about 350 or so, until the chicken is done.

The preserves will mix with the juices/fat of the chicken and become a liquid-y sauce. It won't be like jelly anymore.

I made a bunch of this and served it in a variety of ways, including:
1. By itself with or without sauce
2. On top of pasta
(see photo)
3. Cut up and mixed in rice, with sauce added too.
4. Cut up and put in a thermos
for the lunchbox
5. Sliced and put on a sandwich

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minivan driving soccermom said...

mmm, that does sound good, might have to try this one next week

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