Monday, October 26, 2009

GFCF Dinosaur Kale with Ground Beef and Rice

I have been trying to get my son (4 yrs) to eat more veggies, especially the green ones. As I was perusing the lovely veggies at Whole Foods, I spotted something called "Dinosaur Kale." Now, I had heard of kale and knew that it was supposed to be healthy, but I had never bought it before, or cooked with it. But with a name like "Dinosaur" I knew I had to try it. You see, my son is obsessed with dinosaurs, so maybe he would eat this stuff???

I decided to make this similar to the way I make our Turkish spinach and ground beef dish. So here's what I did:

1/2 bunch of dinosaur kale, washed & cut cross-wise
1/4 lb ground beef (other meats would work too)
2 soup-spoon-fulls of tomato-free tomato paste (if you are tomato-free, otherwise you can use tomato paste)
Salt, garlic, whatever spices you like (I think the salt is important)
Olive oil
Separate: Rice, cooked with broth instead of water, if possible

Coat bottom of pot with olive oil and brown the ground beef. Add tomato-free tomato paste (or tomato paste) and spices. Add a little water to keep things from burning. Now add in your dinosaur kale, and add enough water to keep things from burning but not really enough to make a soup. Cover and cook over medium-high heat until the kale has "wilted" and the flavors have mixed. Serve on top of some rice.

I wasn't sure if they'd like this, so I didn't make too much. Both kids ate it; my daughter (7) liked it more than my son. It made enough for a few bowls-worth. I believe this is a meal in itself, since it has veggies and meat and a carb, but it would also work as a side-dish as well.


Crystal said...

That kale looks delicious!!

Lisa L. said...

Thank you. I tried it and loved it. I know kale is good for me and wanted to add it to my diet. I have dropped all grains so I skipped the rice! It was delicious.

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