Friday, March 28, 2008

Turkish Lentil Soup ("Mercimek Corbasi")

This is the easiest recipe we do at our house (and we do it a lot)! It's also cheap and yummy, and you don't need anything "fresh" so you can make it when there's nothing else left to eat in the house! Look how much my kids love it! I don't make this stuff up!

2 cups red lentils (or more if you want more)
Some tomato paste (about two big spoonfulls)
Salt (about 1 Tbsp.)
Olive oil

Pick through lentils and discard any stones. Rinse lentils. Drizzle some olive oil in your pot. Put lentils in the pot. Add the tomato paste and enough water to fill up 1/2 the pot. Cook on medium for about 40 minutes. Lentils will get mushy, this is what you want!

Drizzle some fresh-squeezed lemon juice if you'd like. Serve with muffins or wraps, or with nothing!

Serves family of four with leftovers for less than $5.00.


~M said...

This looks great! I made a lentil dish once with red lentils and hated it (I think the spice mixture was not for me) but just last week, I used the remaining 1 cup of lentils and made soup with it and it rocked. This looks great too, and I also love amore tomato paste!

Anonymous said...

can green lentils be used in place of the red? I have never cooked or ate a lentil and would like to try this recipe for my son

Tori said...

To anonymous: We've never tried this recipe with the green lentils but I'm sure you could try. We do another recipe with the green: Mercimek yemegi. It is basically the same recipe but includes ground beef (or you could use ground turkey or chicken too). I've noticed that the green lentils don't get mushy when you cook them, but the red ones do. This is part of the red lentil soup -- the lentil kind of falls apart and gets mushy. If you have never cooked with lentils, you will love it. They are so easy, fast, and cheap. And packed with great nutrition! Let me know how it goes! -- Tori

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